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Product Code

  • #400332

Features & benefits

  • Lightweight Anti Riot Suit
  • Body moulded groin, shoulder, neck and limb protectors
  • Limb protectors provide extensive and complete wraparound support
  • Modular system allowing levels of protection to differ relevant to the threat
  • lndefinite lifespan (compared to Kevlar’s 3-5 year lifespan)
  • Full suit around 8.5kg (large)
  • Extremely comfortable to wear with outstanding maneuverability
  • Includes Molle webbing over the greatest possible area (front and back)

Providing protection from the following threats:

  • Blunt impact weapons – including hammers, baseball bats, pieces of iron
  • Large bladed items – including machetes
  • Makeshift edged weapons, shanks and razor blades
  • Heavy assault, including kicks and punches
  • Blunt trauma injury associated with all the above

Who is our Stab Resistant Anti Riot Suit suitable for?

  • CERT (Correctional Emergency Response Teams)
  • NTRG (National Tactical Response Groups)
  • Tactical Support Units
  • Prison Riot Teams

PPSS Stab Resistant Anti-Riot Suit

  • Financing available on all products! 6 month, 9 month and 12 month plans available. Interest free if paid within 90 days!

    Click on ARC90 at top of page or call us as 516-817-1666 to setup financing with payments as low as $61.09 and become better protected right away!

  • Material


    5mm thin polycarbonate sheets, moulded to the upper body shape, offering excelling levels of stab and blunt trauma protection.


    Covers made out of military spec Cordura® 1000D and include Molle webbing over the greatest possible area of the front and back.

    Stab Protection

    Tested & certified to CAST Knife Resistance Standard KR1

    Tested Energy Level 1

    24 Joules – 7mm Maximum Penetration

    Tested Energy Level 2

    36 Joules – 20mm Maximum Penetration

    Blunt Trauma Protection

    Excellent level of protection from a kick, punch or blow – or blunt objects such as piece of iron, chair, table, bricks, etc

    Needle Protection

    Excellent level of protection from narrower blades & hypodermic needles


    XS- 4XL


    Full Suit 8.5kg (18.7lbs) – based on large size

    Outer Fabric

    Highly durable machine washable covers made out of Cordura 1000

    Also available in fire resistant / flame retardant out material



    Place of Manufacture


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