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PPSS Anti Spit Masks


The risk of being spat on is realistic and protection from such threat is logical. Police unions around the world have for some time raised concerns about spitting as it has serious potential health risks.


The use of anti-spit masks has been questioned by some people in the past, raising concerns about risk of suffocation, especially when such anti-spit mask is forced over the head of someone suffering from breathing difficulties. However, this risk has been totally eliminated with the PPSS Anti-Spit Mask.




  • PPSS Anti-Spit Masks

  • Simple and quick to deploy 

  • Developed through intensive field testing

  • Disposable, compact, Individually packed and labelled

  • Suspect's face can be observed with excellent visibility 

  • Safe, secure and lightweight

  • Available in boxes of 100pcs or in 5 pack 

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