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You DON'T want to worry about your health if you get stuck with a needle! The Hero Gloves SL will give you the peace of mind you need to do your job effectively.  When you can focus on the task-at-hand (pat-down/search) without fear and distractions about your health and gear, you'll be better prepared to do your job and STAY ALIVE.  And ... ultimately get home safely at the end of your shift. 



The Hero Gloves SL feature a state-of-the-art material along the front of the fingers that seamlessly wraps over the finger tips to the back of the finger, past the finger nail. These gloves are constructed with a total of seven (7) top-grade materials, and shaped with our Comfort-Fit design to offer superior dexterity and durability. 

221B Hero SL Needle Resistant Gloves

    • Needle-Resistant protective layer on ALL 5 fingers
    • High-Strength Synthetic Leather construction...Built To Last
    • Needle protection wraps COMPLETELY over the finger tips
    • New-Age materials and design for MAXXIMUM PROTECTION & DEXTERITY
    • Heavy-Duty wrist closures
    • Designed by a Veteran Police Officer who has conducted thousands of pat-downs and searches, and who knows what you need
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