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  • 100% Spectra Lining protects not only palms BUT ALSO the back and sides of the hand
  • Armor Skin on the palm and finger tips
  • Smart-Touch index finger and thumb for smart phone/touch-screen capability
  • Injected Rubber (High Density) on the back of the hands to protect fingers, knuckles and the back of hands




  • Superior cut protection
  • Spectra Lining offers protection of front, back and sides of hands with LEVEL 5 cut protection
  • Excellent durability and abrasion resistance....for LONG LASTING use
  • Spectra Level 5 cut protection EVEN WHEN THE GLOVES ARE WET (something most "cut resistant" gloves DO NOT offer)
  • Helps prevent being "poked" by a needle during pat-downs as it can withstand up to approximately 7 lbs. of pressure 
  • Lightweight comfort AND breathable
  • High Density Injected Rubber on the back of the hands offer OUTSTANDING protection while allowing great flexion and mobility while maintaining a low profile (unlike hard, plastic knuckle gloves)
  • No need to remove your gloves to use your smartphone or touch-screen device
  • Superior blend and placement of materials provide a fit that makes this glove fit like a batting glove....NOT a bulky, chunky search glove
  • Armor Skin on the palms and fingers give you superior grip and protection in all conditions, wet or dry
  • Provides unhindered dexterity and free range of finger motion specifically designed for sensitive operations including engaging/disengaging a firearm safety, weapon manipulation, gripping a steering wheel, searches/pat-downs, cell phone/radio use, etc. 

221B Tactical Guardian Gloves

  • Sizing and Fit:

    People report that their Guardian Glove fits like a "second skin" and this snug fit offers them maximum dexterity.  Please use the attached measurement guide to aid in the measurement process. 


    Care instructions:



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