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3mm PPSS Hi-Viz Overt Stab Vests are a very practical style of body armour, especially for those who require protection for only a short period of time, wanting to act as a visual deterrent or those who wish to be identified as 'Authority', 'Enforcement', or 'Point of Contact' during a hostile or crisis situation.

PPSS Hi-Viz Overt Stab Vests have been supplied to countless of enforcement agencies - such as Border Control, Immigration, Trading Standards, Licensing Enforcement and many Hospital Security Teams around the world.
Our hi-viz overt stab vests can be put on and taken off within 5 seconds (via front zip) and are easily worn on top of clothing e.g. t-shirts, fleece or jackets etc.

3mm Standard Stab Vests 400107

3mm Standard stab vests are uncertified but offer blunt trauma and stab resistance only.

3mm Hi-Viz Overt Stab Resistant Vest

  • Financing available on all products! 6 month, 9 month and 12 month plans available. Interest free if paid within 90 days!

    Click on ARC90 at top of page or call us as 516-817-1666 to setup financing with payments as low as $14.97 and become better protected right away!

  • 3mm Hi-Viz Overt PPSS Stab Vest Unmatched blunt trauma protection from a punch, blow or kick. Based on our professional frontline experience and extensive research we can only stress that an impact based assault is a more likely event than an attack involving an edged weapon or firearm. Extreme protection from hypodermic needles Please view our breath taking Stab Vests Video Demonstration Ultra lightweight (2.3kg for Size L) Ultra thin (using 5mm body moulded polycarbonate) Please note we are more than happy to attach any corporate badges you may have onto our hi-viz overt stab vests and make any cosmetic amendments based on your operational duties and risks. Additional pockets, epaulettes or other features can be added as a part of our free design service. The covers of our hi-viz overt stab vests are machine washable and the protective fillers can be easily removed within seconds prior to washing of the cover.

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