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Celox Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze (10')


Celox Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze is impregnated with the proven Celox hemostatic granules which are designed to cause quick coagulation to stop bleeding quickly and safely. The combination of the granules with gauze improves your ability to pack a wound and stop bleeding. The gauze is especially useful in less than ideal conditions in rain, and wind. Available in a convenient Z-Fold, Celox Hemostatic Gauze measures in at 10' in length.


When used, Celox generates no heat and will not inflict burns to the patient, or applicator. Celox has been proven to work in hypothermic conditions and even when anti-coagulates such as warfarin are present.


Celox Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze is ideal for:

  • Moderate to severe bleeding wounds
  • Arterial and venous bleeding
  • Surface and deep wounds
  • Head, neck, and face wounds


Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1" (Packaged)

Weight: 1oz.

Contents: 3" x 10' Gauze Strip impregnated with Celox Granules

Celox Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze (10')

SKU: 5060206630031
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