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Product: PPSS Bullet Resistant Vest - Executive (EV1)

Model #: 500114

Protection Level: NIJ Level IIIA+

Material European high performance ballistic material

Ground-breaking temperature controlling Outlast® space technology, making it the ideal choice of armour for hot and humid environments


100% wool

Bullet Protection NIJ Level IIIA+ (NIJ Std 0101.04) ballistic protection

Protection from Tokarev Ball 7.62 x 25mm and Makarov 9 x 18mm

Excellent protection against more aggressive

Stab Protection 10 Joules

Blunt Force Trauma Protection High performance 0.85mm trauma liner hugely reduces blunt

Needle Protection High level of protection (4.4 Joules - VPAM KDIW 2004)

Protective Area 0.28sqm

Sizes S – 6XL

Weight 1.65KG

Thickness 6.5mm

Colors Black

Place of Manufacture UK

Replacement Cover 700111

EV1 - Executive Bullet Resistant Vest

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    • Tested & certified to NIJ Level IIIA according to NIJ Std 0101.04
    • Also offering protection from handguns, such as Makarov 9 x 18mm and Tokarev Ball 7.62 x 25mm
    • Offering outstanding protection from hypodermic needles
    • Performance unaffected by moisture
    • Great protective area: 0.28sqm
    • Extremely thin: 6.5mm
    • Extremely lightweight: 1.65kg
    • Two fully functional front pockets
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