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Effective Self Defense When You Need It Most


Do you ever:

  • Jog in the park?
  • Visit college campuses?
  • Walk to your car at night?
  • Worry about dog or other animal attacks?


Do you want to keep yourself safe from harassment, robbery or attack when you’re alone and at your most vulnerable?


If so, Fast Strike is the product for you. As a simple and safe self-defense weapon, Fast Strike will give you the power you need to fight off any assailant. With this powerful product in your possession, you’ll feel renewed confidence that you can effectively defend yourself in desperate situations as you go about your day-to-day life.




Designed and built by a father in Polson, Montana, Fast Strike is superior to other self-defense products on the market today. Pepper sprays are notoriously unpredictable, and most people lack the training needed to use other self defense products effectively. 

Fast Strike is an easy-to-use product and is even effective against large dogs and other animals. It features a steel-reinforced striking cable that allows you to deliver multiple blows to an assailant in a matter of seconds. Strikes will be extremely painful and are sure to subdue and deter any attacker. 




If you want to stay safe, you’ll find no better product than Fast Strike. Here are three reasons to order this potent self-defense weapon:


  1. Fast Strike allows you to strike from a distance, preventing the attacker from grabbing onto you.
  2. Fast Strike is small enough and light enough to wear inside of clothing, attached to a belt or simply clip onto any purse, back pack or bag.
  3. Fast Strike requires no special training or special techniques to be used effectively. Simple Self Defense for anyone. 

Fast Strike FS-14 Gen 2

SKU: FS-14
  • SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE SELF-DEFENSE. Strike from a distance and Strike Fast, This incredible tool weighs only 3 ounces but packs a massive punch. Clip FAST STRIKE onto almost any item, conceal inside of your clothing or simply throw it in your vehicle. This weapon is always ready to go.

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