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Burning at 2800 °С, Firepen cuts cleanly through metal up to 16-18 mm thick. It can do this in the absence of electricity, acetylene or oxygen. No additional accessories required. 

To start Firepen, hold a match to the end of the rod. 20 seconds of burn time enables cutting through pipe, grilles, sheet metal, several cables, locks, etc. Firepen even cuts underwater!


Light and compact, Firepen is designed to be carried into the field in a pocket or toolbox. For bigger jobs, bundle several together, or ignite 2 to 3 in succession. For work in tight spaces, emergency situations, and extreme conditions, Firepen is the pocket-sized cutting tool you can rely on. 


Police and fire departments, military units and first responders carry Firepen. Firepen is equally suitable to household purposes. Visit our shop and equip yourself or your team with FIREPEN!

Now the Firepen Pro provides even greater cutting power. Equip yourself for instant cutting and breaching; purchase FIREPEN today!


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