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H&H Cricothyrotomy (Cric) Kit (Civilian Model)


The H&H Cricothyrotomy (Cric) kit is the result of a decade of field trauma experience. The H&H Cric kit contains the necessary tools required to perform an emergency cricotyrotomy. A cricothyrotomy is a surgical procedure intended to access an otherwise compromised or inaccessible airway.


The H&H Cric Kit contains:

  • Scalpel #10 blade for incisions
  • Endotracheal tube, 6.0mm. Cuffed for maintaining an open airway
  • 10cc syringe for inflation of airway cuff
  • Curved Crile Hemostat for clamping or opening
  • News Tracheal Hook
  • Buff Twill Cotton Tape for stabilizing the airway


Package: Sterile Vacuum sealed package

Size: Package Dimensions 10" x 4.5" x 1"

Weight: 4.6 oz.


AR500 Armor always recommends proper training and proficiency with your gear and all equipment you choose to use.

H&H Cricothyrotomy (Cric) Kit

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