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H&H TK-4L Tourniquet (Single Handed Compression Strap)


The H&H TK-4L is an innovative compression strap that can be used effectively as a single handed tourniquet. Lightweight and compact, the TK-4L is ideal small medical kits and has the advantage of being useable on a wide variety of extremities single handed such as legs and arms or on small adults or children. Often times other tourniquets such as the SOF-T or CAT cannot be used effectively on small limbs to stop bleeding.


The added aluminum tension fixture allows the user to apply additional pressure if needed once the compression strap is in place to further reduce blood flow.


Package: Vacuum sealed package

Size: Package Dimensions 2.5" x 2.5" x .6" (40" in length)

Weight: 4 oz.

H&H TK-4L Single Handed Tourniquet

SKU: 682356000059
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