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  • Ambidextrous Usability
  • Low / High / Strobe Settings
  • Easy Battery Replacement


The Luminator offers the highest quality weapon mounted light. Compact in size but large on functionality and brightness. This is the new standard with its innovative activation system and all the performance expected from owning a Powertac product. The versatility of having this unit means it's not limited to one platform but can be utilized on many others. When the mission is hinged on the equipment not failing you out in the real world, the Luminator should be your first and only choice




CR123A(3.0V) Output


80 Lumens


395 Lumens


395 Lumens

CR123A(3.0V) Runtime3.5 hrs1.2 hrs1.5 hrs
RCR123(4.2V) Output120 Lumens595 Lumens595 Lumens
RCR123(4.2V) Runtime2.5 hrs50 min1 hrs

PowerTac Mark I Luminator- 595 Lumen Pistol Light

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