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Marksman- The best laser-light combo in the world!

In a market with most lasers failing to function below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (+5°C), the Marksman is one of the few tactical laser-light combos available with a wide range of working temperatures. The Marksman laser component has a working temperature range of 0 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 °C to 71° C). The Marksman has a 5mW laser that uses state of the art technology to achieve a special wavelength giving it the appearance of a 20mW laser to the human eye. The Marksman's unique patent-pending on/off switch offers the simplistic functionality needed during mission critical situations. Measuring just under three inches in length, the Marksman is designed to fit most subcompact, compact and standard pistols with a picatinny rail under the barrel.

MARKSMAN- 550 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight and Laser Light Combo

  • Green lasers are easier to detect in a variety of lighting conditions (complete darkness, low light, natural light, and ambient light environments) while red lasers are best used in low light conditions only!

  • Illumination / Runtime:

    Max Output --
    Tactical Runtime Max Output --
    Laser Length
    Length Bezel Diameter Weight w/Batteries Batteries
    550 lm 1 hr 5 mW 2.99 in. 2.2 in. 4.9 oz. 1 CR123A
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