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Introducing the "Spartan" Swimmers Cut Plate Carrier:

  • You asked and we delivered. Finally a light weight plate carrier that accepts side plates. 
  • Designed for our Steel Core armor plates. 
  • Adjustable from Medium to XL
  • Molle on front and back for versatility. Velcro on front and back for patch placement. 
  • Fits 10x12 swimmers cut plates
  • Cummerbund is designed to hold 6x6 side plates comfortably.
  • Shoulder pads included. 
  • 860 Denier Poly construction.
  • Reinforced drag handle
  • Designed in the USA 

Spartan Swimmers Cut Plate Carrier

  • Spartan Armor Systems "Spartan" Swimmers Cut Plate Carrier

    Designed for our swimmers cut steel core armor. AR500 Omega™, AR550 and AR650 Armaply. 

    Adjustable from Medium to XL.

    Fits 10x12 swimmers cut plates.

    Will fit 6x6 side plates in cummerbund.

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