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This is our exclusive and proprietary design not a copy. This holster is designed to be worn IWB and it is tuckable. You might think it looks the same as a Galco, Crossbreed, CompTac, Alien Gear, White Hat etc, but if you take the time to look closely, you will see it is not at all the same. Those other holsters have a one sided Kydex or plastic shell, riveted around the perimeter, to a leather backing. Those designs;

  • Are inflexible across the width of the shell from rivet to rivet
  • Rely on the unworn surface of the leather for retention and bull hide, horsehide or cowhide will all stretch and become relaxed in a very short time

We have found that no matter how well this design concept is constructed, after it is broken in, the leather stretches and the holster loses most of the retention. When the belt is loosened and when taken off, you cannot leave the handgun in the holster safely, it will fall out. We have also found that when the Kydex shell is riveted around the perimeter, it is inflexible. You cannot bend a gun to the contour of your body, most especially the apex of your hip.

The Black Mamba is a full wrap around, 360 degree Kydex holster shell that maintains the same retention throughout the life of the holster. It does not rely on the condition of the leather backing or contact with the leather for retention because we know from experience it will stretch and wear quickly. We know because we have probably fixed about 500 of those brands for the guys who got stuck with them.

The Black Mamba's "full Kydex holster" component, floats or pivots on the leather backing so that the leather can bend fully, from end to end, and doesn't have a big flat spot that is actually larger than the size of the handgun it carries.

The Black Mamba utilizes an ultra-soft suede pigskin backing, hand laminated to very expensive 8 ounce leather of the highest quality, so that it is ultra-comfortable against your body. The leather component is used only to cushion and suspend the "Full Kydex Holster" from your body and to secure the holster to the belt or pants.

The Black Mamba is normally configured with a cant or rake appropriate to the size handgun, to split the difference in butt, slide and barrel protrusion in order to minimize the gun's profile. This also facilitates a faster draw and easier re-holstering by orienting the handgun at an angle more natural to the execution of your draw. The cant/rake is also user adjustable within parameters, by relocating the J-belt clips on either end. The Black Mamba is a custom holster and can be ordered as desired if your specifications are different.

  • No break in period.
  • Your handgun will always be secure, the retention will be the same for the life of the holster.
  • The leather backing will always conform fully, from end to end, to your body. Not limited to just an inch or so of tab on the ends.
  • It will always be comfortable
  • Your handgun will not never fall out of the holster, when on or off your body, after the holster is broken in.

It is much more difficult and costly to make this type of concept the way Viper makes it. It is not nearly as simple as riveting a vacuum formed shell onto a die cut piece of cheap, stiff leather. Anybody can make a thing faster and cheaper, just cut stuff out. The Black Mamba is the Rolls Royce of IWBs, end of story.

The Black Mamba

  • Viper is a custom shop and will accommodate any request we feel is possible and safe. This includes vehicular, ATV, UTV, Marine and SMGs.

    Viper will purchase any blue gun that is available, in order to fullfill an order, at no cost to the customer.


    For those handguns for which a Blue Gun does not exist, Viper can construct a holster using the customer's handgun if it can be made available. On orders of this nature Viper guarantees a 72 hour turnaround unless there are extenuating circumstances, complications or extreme custom work that require more time. Viper also has access to gun shops that may have your model gun. If we can find your model in a local shop this provides an alternative to transporting or shipping your handgun to our shop.

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