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For 380s, J-Frames, and ultra small 9mms.

This is our exclusive and proprietary design not a copy. We should have called it the half Asp but that just wasn't right. The Half Mamba is a leather backed, floating/pivoting, wrap around kydex holster that is minimalist in design.

Instead of the elongated leather profile of the Black Mamba, the Half Mamba has a much smaller pancake shaped leather backing and like the Asp, the belt clip is on the outside of the Kydex Holster component. The Half Mamba can be had with the special safety belt clip of the Asp or the conventional style J clip of the Black Mamba if you must take it off and put it on a lot, during the course of a day. This is an exceptionally comfortable and concealable holster that can be IWB, OWB and tuckable. Besides the smaller size, the primary difference between this and the Black Mamba is that the cant/rake can be adjusted on the fly and continuously, based upon the activity or position of the user at that particular moment. It can also be positioned for cross draw. The leather used on the Half Mamba is the same premium 8 oz. super soft leather with pig skin suede laminated to the back side to make it even softer on your skin.

The Half Mamba

  • Viper is a custom shop and will accommodate any request we feel is possible and safe. This includes vehicular, ATV, UTV, Marine and SMGs.

    Viper will purchase any blue gun that is available, in order to fullfill an order, at no cost to the customer.


    For those handguns for which a Blue Gun does not exist, Viper can construct a holster using the customer's handgun if it can be made available. On orders of this nature Viper guarantees a 72 hour turnaround unless there are extenuating circumstances, complications or extreme custom work that require more time. Viper also has access to gun shops that may have your model gun. If we can find your model in a local shop this provides an alternative to transporting or shipping your handgun to our shop.

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