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This is a conventional looking holster that rides comfortably on the belt, with the butt canted slightly away from the torso, but still more vertical then most. It is a full, one piece, wrap around Kydex holster with single or dual retention adjustment screws, and a fixed Kydex. The belt attachment can be reversed to drop the holster lower if the user prefers. Of course it can be made with any type of attachments and accommodations you require such as larger belt loop, tek lok or Level II retention.

This is a sleeper design and what can you say about a classic? This is a Viper classic not just a classic. It is tweaked and worked over to be a minimalist approach to service or sporting oriented sidearm carry. Light, thin, fast, safe and virtually indistructable. The Sentry can also be had with level II retention devices if needed.

The Sentry

  • Viper is a custom shop and will accommodate any request we feel is possible and safe. This includes vehicular, ATV, UTV, Marine and SMGs.

    Viper will purchase any blue gun that is available, in order to fullfill an order, at no cost to the customer.


    For those handguns for which a Blue Gun does not exist, Viper can construct a holster using the customer's handgun if it can be made available. On orders of this nature Viper guarantees a 72 hour turnaround unless there are extenuating circumstances, complications or extreme custom work that require more time. Viper also has access to gun shops that may have your model gun. If we can find your model in a local shop this provides an alternative to transporting or shipping your handgun to our shop.

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