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The heavy rig has a special adjustable leather harness that is very low profile and yet adjustable in all aspects. This adjustability allows a perfect fit for all body types through self customization. The heavy rig can accommodate vertical or horizontal carry and extra mags carried on the off side. The Viper Heavy rigs incorporate tie downs to the belt on both sides of the vertical rigs to stabilize and distribute the weight of larger frame high capacity handguns. Horizontal rigs will only have the tie down on the offside unless requested. Bear in mind that the width of the torso must be greater than the length of the handgun if oriented in the horizontal position.

Viper Heavy Rig

  • Viper is a custom shop and will accommodate any request we feel is possible and safe. This includes vehicular, ATV, UTV, Marine and SMGs.

    Viper will purchase any blue gun that is available, in order to fullfill an order, at no cost to the customer.


    For those handguns for which a Blue Gun does not exist, Viper can construct a holster using the customer's handgun if it can be made available. On orders of this nature Viper guarantees a 72 hour turnaround unless there are extenuating circumstances, complications or extreme custom work that require more time. Viper also has access to gun shops that may have your model gun. If we can find your model in a local shop this provides an alternative to transporting or shipping your handgun to our shop.

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