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SlashPRO Arm Guards – Reducing The Risk of Forearm Cut Wounds

Slash Resistant Arm Guards have become an integral part in today’s world of personal protective equipment (PPE). The following should give us the answer to the question ‘why?’

I have personally witnessed many knife attacks over the past 30+ years and remember the unbelievable quick change of pace during such incidents and the speed of the stabbing action. I also remember the incredible level of hate and aggression involved in some cases, just as much as the ‘coldness’ of those who don’t commit such attack for the first time.

Most victims will end up with at least visually severe looking defence injuries, which can be found on the inside of the hand and around the entire forearms, usually received whilst raising his/her hands and arms up to protect vital organs or other body parts, especially the head and face. Besides any bruises, abrasions and even potential fractures (particularly metacarpal fractures), cut injuries are present in most cases.

A recent research project titled: “Pattern of defence injuries among homicidal victims”, conducted by Saurabh Chattopadhyay and Biswajit Sukul at the Kolkata Police Morgue and the Upgraded Department of Forensic and State Medicine, Medical College Kolkata from 2006 to 2010, concluded the following:

“A total of 189 cases of homicide were brought in for autopsy during this period. Out of the 189 homicidal deaths during the 5-year period of study, defence wounds were noted in 90 cases. Cut wounds (52.2%) were the most common type of defence wounds. The forearm and the hand were the most affected parts.”

The consequences of such injuries can vary from being that of a minor cosmetic issue, to a future severe disability (if nerves or tendons connecting the hand/fingers are being damaged), right to the very end of the spectrum of severity: Death. The risk of death is however realistic if the Radial and Ulnar are totally severed.

Today, public facing professionals can prevent such injuries by wearing a new highly effective type of PPE.

SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Arm Guards are now available to police public order teams and prison riot or cell extraction teams. Covert police officers and police firearm officers, as well as rapid intervention, immigration, border force and customs officers can all benefit from such type of PPE, as they will effectively help reduce the risk of workplace violence related cut injuries.

However, there are is also the risk of accidental cut injuries. Police forced entry teams are frequently suffering from such wounds and lacerations. According to the NPCC (National Police Chiefs Council) and the “Use of Force Monitoring Form: Guidance”, any of such injuries suffered by an officer during a forced entry operation e.g. forcing their way through broken doors, windows and glass, should be recorded. However, we understand that is not always the case, hence no reliable figures or statistics are available.

However, there are several other public facing professionals who are at risk from being attacked by a knife. Close protection officers, security guards, doormen/bouncers, bailiffs and taxi drivers have all reportedly suffered from cut wounds following assaults involving knives, broken bottles or other types of edged weapons, and I am sure there are several other professionals who feel being at risk every time they go to work.

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